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(or the less humble version, Jeff's Awesome RepRap)
  1. It’s been a LONG time since a blog post, and this isn’t much of a post. Just wanted to say that I’ve migrated from my old hosting provider to a new one, so hopefully everything is intact. The theme is different.. I may chose another one and change it up yet again. That is all. […]
  2. (Note: This post is being posted out of order.. the blog is still technically behind to 2013, but I’m jumping forward to February of 2014 for this post. Today is February 3rd 16th, 2015. Yeah…) During February of 2014, I printed something on my 3D printer every single day. Way back in 2010 I remember […]
  3. More of my RepRap blog! I’d love to at least catch up to covering last year’s Makerfaire (Makerfaire NY 2013) before this year’s Makerfaire, which is at the end of this week (on September 20 & 21, 2014). That won’t be this post, but the more I post, the closer we get. Having just given […]
  4. On April 27th 2013, I started cutting the rods for my second RepRap (a Prusa IT2). I was just about to permanently give the other Prusa IT2 that I’d printed and assembled to the Museum of Science in Boston (see more below!), so I wanted to overlap them and start construction on mine before handing […]
  5. Here is more of what happened about a year and a half ago.. Cara’s Birthday Cara’s birthday was upon us.. (This was March of 2013 so she was turning 6). I had just given Alicia the 3D-printed abacus that she’d wanted for her doll, so I had to print something for Cara.. I give you, […]